Scientific Program

AuxDefense 2020 – 2nd World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense Scientific Program is presented through a variety of sessions including keynote and invited lectures where international experts are invited to deliver lively discussions on speciality topics. Cutting-edge research related with Defense comprise the program and are delivered through the oral communication sessions, each offering a unique opportunity to amass the latest scientific and technical novelties in advanced materials for Defense, including equipment and soldier protective systems.

Already confirmed sessions

Special Session 1: Potential of Graphene for Defense

Chair — Steven Savage

Swedish Research Defense Agency


Special Session 3: Smart Textiles

Chair — Daniela Zavec



Special Session 5: Functional Composites

Chair — Maria da Conceição Paiva

University of Minho

Special Session 2: Innovative Sensing Approaches for Defense

Chairs —

Nunzio Cennamo, Raffaele Solimene and Aldo Minardo, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

Antonio Manna, ELETTRONICA S.p.a.


Special Session 4: Application and Developments of UAVs in Defense

Chairs — Maria João M. Martins and João P. Neto Torres

Military Academy – Portugal


Special Session 6: Innovative Composites for the Protection of Civil Strutures

Chairs — Daniel V. Oliveira and Raul Fangueiro

University of Minho