Social Program


During the conference you will be able to enjoy the local rich culture and heritage.
The venues for the two oficial social events have been selected to allow you to experience both tradition and modernity.


As well as being the bright and colourful city from which Port Wine derives it name, Porto is renowned for its stunning array of marvellous historical bridges.
On the 6 Bridges Cruise you’ll experience a leisurely journey that passes under all of the handsome structures connecting Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. This cruise is a great way to soak up the sun, enjoy a glass of port wine and hear some fascinating history.


Porto 6 Bridges Cruise
July 6 – 18h30

Departure Point: Vila Nova de Gaia quay
Arrival Point: Ribeira Quay (view location)
Duration: 1h
Price: 20€

The history of Quinta da Boeira dates back to the year 1850, the construction date of the Mansion that is kept in perfect conditon, from its worked ceilings and the tiles, to the 3 hectares of gardens.
Here you can find the world’s largest wine bottle, honoring the quality and diversity of Portuguese wines.
The harmony between the historical legacy and the surrounding natural gardens combined will make this the perfect moment to networking and enjoy a delicious meal, full of the best of Portuguese flavours.


Conference Dinner – Quinta da Boeira
July 7 – 20h00

Address: Rua Conselheiro Veloso da Cruz 608
Metro Stations: Câmara de Gaia or João de Deus
Price: 60€