Daniela Zavec

TITERA Innovative Technologies, Slovenia



Smart PPE For Better Safety And The Issue of Reliability

Today’s users of PPE rely on the highest quality of integrated textile components, which are produced in compliance with standards from a specific application field. In addition, known production technologies and quality parameters are the basis for the repeatable quality of the PPE. Speaking about the human safety increased by smart PPE we are still faced with the lack of reliability in the functioning of these smart systems. The reason is related to the IoT systems and reliable (and secure) communication protocols, which again depend on one another application field. A second open issue that needs to be solved is the repeatability of the production processes in serial manufacturing. A proper approach in solving these two problems can result in accessible smart PPE on the EU market.

This presentation will show the solution for the above problems by defining the quality parameters for reliability and repeatability, either by understanding the end-users working environments or by using the appropriate testing methods/protocols.



Daniela Zavec studied Textile Engineering at the University of Maribor, Slovenia and obtained her Ph.D. at the same institution in 2005. Since 2013, she works at TITERA Slovenia/Germany, being active in the field of Smart Textiles, Textile and Clothing Engineering and coaching of people on different level. She is the technical advisor at ETP Brussels for EU Masterclass program Innovating in Smart Textiles and a board member of EU Society on Protective Clothing.

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