Di Zhang

State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites


Bioinspired materials templates by nature species

Di Zhang has received his PhD from Osaka University, Japan. He is now a Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China (since 1994), the director of State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites and the Institute of Composite Materials at SJTU (since 2003), and the Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program (since 2001). Prof. Zhang has published more than 200 peer reviewed academic articles, 1 English academic book on morphology-genetic materials, and attended international conferences as invited speakers for 47 times.

His research interests include the process of advanced metal matrix composites and the basic and applied research on biomimetic morphology-genetic materials. His works on bioinspired functional materials has been widely reported by many famous scientific media (e.g., “Discovery Channel News”) in the world. The as-developed metal matrix composites has been supplied to China aerospace and defense systems and successfully deployed therein.