Genevieve Langdon

University of Sheffield


Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Subjected to Blast Loading: Lessons Learned

Genevieve Langdon is Professor of Blast and Impact Engineering. She is trained as a mechanical engineer, completing her undergraduate and doctoral studies at the University of Liverpool. Her PhD work focused on the response of corrugated blast walls with semi-rigid connections to gas explosion loading and was sponsored by the EPSRC, HSE and industry. She is a chartered engineer and member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. She is also a member of the British Society for Strain Measurement.

Genevieve joined the department in 2020 after spending fifteen years working in Cape Town as an academic. She gained first-hand experience in explosion testing there and was Director of the Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit for five years. She is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town.

Genevieve’s research is concerned with the response and failure of structures and materials subjected to explosion loading and other extreme loading conditions. She takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding this multi-faceted problem and is interested in every aspect of the blast event chain. Her work uses modern instrumentation techniques in carefully controlled experiments to elucidate understanding of the material and structural behaviour. Although primarily experimental, her work involves a mix of laboratory scale physical testing, material characterisation experiments, analytical work and computational simulations. This involves fundamental, experimental and applied research projects. Her goal is to make the world a safer place by mitigating the harmful and devastating effects of explosions on people, equipment and infrastructure.

Research interests include:

  • Explosion and impact resistance of lightweight materials (composites, novel materials, meshes, lattices)
  • Blast effects in complex geometries.
  • Material, structural and human response due to explosions
  • Dynamic properties and failure of composites, hybrid & lightweight materials
  • Passive explosion mitigation

Genevieve has published over one hundred peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers in these areas, plus various industry reports.