Giuseppe G. Daquino

European Defence Agency (EDA), Belgium



Materials research and innovation planning in European Defence

The role of the European Defence Agency as Innovation Hub has been recently discussed within the EDA Steering Board in the configuration of R&T Directors, following a call from the Foreign Affairs Council (conclusions of May 2021) to reinforce EDA’s role in fostering defence innovation, including disruptive technologies. The hub will function as a network to identify and promote the development of innovative and disruptive defence technologies, testing and certification services.

The EDA Materials & Structures Capability Technology Group (CapTech) is a well-established forum composed of Member States representatives, supported by industrial and academia stakeholders, and is contributing to this priority axis through the current set up of a long-term research programme, called ICARO (Innovative materials for CApability-driven Research for Outstanding European defence). It is composed of four Strategic Research Clusters (SRCs) whose endpoint is the research development and innovation enhancement in four domains: air, maritime, land and cross-cutting. A total of 9 projects distributed among the four SRCs is expected to be implemented in the upcoming 8 years, enhancing competencies in several fields, such as structural health monitoring, high-temperature materials, advanced additive manufacturing, sustainable materials, ballistic protection.

ICARO is based on the Technology Building Blocks of the Materials CapTech and related roadmaps, which are part of the EDA Overarching Strategic Research Agenda (OSRA).



Giuseppe G. Daquino is a nuclear engineer, with a PhD in nuclear and industrial safety and a Master in Business Administration. He has worked at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (EC), at the CERN in Geneva and at the Research Executive Agency of EC within the Space Research. In the latter context, he developed a long experience in project management, the portfolio being mainly composed of space critical technologies, including materials and structures, and enabling technologies for satellite communication. Dr Daquino is now the Chair of the EDA Capability Technology group (CapTech) on Materials & Structures, contributing to the EDA Research, Technology and Innovation Directorate initiatives aimed at defining capability-led priorities, programmes and projects. He is also responsible for the maintenance/update of the CapTech’s Strategic Research Agenda. In this role, he liaises with the EC and EU Agencies, industry associations, companies and academic institutions involved in military and dual-use R&T.

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