Steven Savage

Swedish Defence Research Agency


Keynote Topic:
Graphene and related 2-D technologies and their potential defence applications

Steven Savage studied in the UK and graduated with an MSc in chemistry from the University of Salford and a PhD in applied physics from the University of Hull. After moving to Sweden in 1986 he joined the Institute for Metals Research (now part of RISE and SWERIM) and in 1991 joined what is now the Swedish Defence Research Agency. He is today research director (materials), and is involved in a number of different materials-related projects. Along the way he became docent in nanomaterials at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Steven’s research interests focus on properties, processing and applications of novel materials and technologies for applications ranging from medical implants to weapons systems, and from camouflage to sensors and fall detectors for use in care homes for the elderly. In all these applications ethical questions are important, but are often neglected by the scientists and engineers who design and develop the technology. Because of this approach, ethical problems often become apparent at a relatively advanced stage of development, where it is difficult and expensive to introduce solutions. The results may be sub-optimised and ineffective. For this reason it is important that new technologies based on graphene should be aware of any ethical issues at an early stage, and if possible to design materials and applications which avoid these issues.